Augurs of the future and messengers, beings of air, land and sea, birds are creatures whose symbolic and actual natures merge, linking us all in powerful ways across the globe. At a time of climate catastrophe, record human population upheavals, and habitat destruction, looking at the forces that shape the lives of migratory birds can help communicate tangible insights into our current situation and how best to move forward.

Artists are invited to use the power of the multiple to make connections between human and animal ecologies.

The first installation is scheduled at the Nine Gallery (in Portland, Oregon, USA) December 2019. Other venues are planned for 2020.

Artists are asked to submit two or more printed impressions that represent a migratory bird from their region. One of your prints will become a template for community members, both children and adults, to augment. Workshops led by scientists and activists will be part of this process.

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