At a time of greater than ever polarisation and need to connect across difference, this work is about enabling mass audiences to rethink migration and displacement through experiencing just, authentic narratives about the ‘other’. It has the potential to help artists, activists and academics working on vital social change issues to connect with bigger and more mainstream audiences than ever before – think Warsaw Shire on Beyoncé’s Lemonade, or Michelle and Barack Obama’s new partnership with Netflix.

It all starts in Devon

Counterpoints Arts’ UK pop culture project kicks off at the picturesque Dartington Hall Trust in Devon on 17-19 October, where 50 leading figures from the arts, media, entertainment, philanthropy, policy, advertising, fashion and charity sectors will gather for a special retreat to explore pop culture’s potential to bring about social change in the UK, supported by Unbound Philanthropy and the Social Change Initiative.

Attending the event as key speaker will be Bridgit Antoinette Evans, director of the Pop Culture Collaborative and one of the foremost thought leaders in the culture change strategy field, who will share learning and successes from the PCC’s influential grant-making programme in the US.

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