A new platform sharing good ideas and practices form the world adressed to migrant citizens and operators is born.

It was designed by Matteo Moretti, a multi award-winning Italian designer based in Bolzano.

Read the curator’s note:

Everything started back in 2016, when I first published the visual journalism project “Europa Dreaming“. Since that moment, I started a series of talks, conferences, meetings, and events around the world to discuss it, raise awareness about European migration issues, and to bring it to a wider audience. During the years I met many concerned people: some of them were designers like me, musicians, artists, journalists, who were already working on the same issues from their respective backgrounds and points of view. Such projects are important and urgent as ever, in order to contrast misinformation and sensationalistic news, to raise awareness, to open debates or to reduce fear and tension through exposure to others.

Finally, I decided to collect all those projects in a singe place, to make available to a wider concerned audience, to support the work of other creative people working in the same domain, to connect them.

This platform is open to any contribution that addresses migration issues through a broad design perspective.

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