A Mile in My Shoes invites visitors to go on a physical and empathetic journey by walking a mile in someone else’s shoes – literally – while listening to their story. This new collection of stories brings together a diversity of voices not normally heard in relation to migration.

Storytellers include Chetna, who ran a corner shop in Peckham for 30 years before closing in response to a changing neighbourhood; Peter from Nigeria whose barbershop chair acts as a therapeutic and social space for men of all ages, and Edin who, on arrival from Bosnia, spotted a gap in the UK market for luxury pizza (the rest is Firezza-flavoured history).

On 8th February a new version of A Mile in My Shoes will open at the Migration Museum in London. This themed exhibit brings together a new collection of audio stories shared by refugees and migrants who have made London their home, from a Syrian dentist to a Nigerian barber.

You can read the Empathy Museum’s director Clare Patey explaining why we wanted to make this piece now, and founder Roman Krznaric on the links between empathy and migration.

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