Europeana is building up a new thematic collection dedicated to migration to, from, and within Europe.

Looking at migration to and from Europe historically, Europeana aims to show that the geographical moving of people makes culture richer, and that migration is intrinsic to what it means to be European, on a societal and personal level. These migration movements helped develop human societies, cultures and civilizations across and within borders, as well as defining the personal histories of our own families.

 Europeana Migration will bring together collections dedicated to the theme of migration to, from and within Europe. An alpha version can be found here, already gathering just under 200,000 documents from more than 750 museums, galleries, libraries, audio-visual archives and archives across Europe. Throughout 2018, Europeana’s intention is to build this collection by improving and adding content from cultural heritage institutions across Europe.

The official launch of Europeana Migration will be accompanied by a series of promotional and participatory activities throughout 2018, in line with the European Year of Cultural Heritage. These events held in several European countries will focus on the ways migration has helped to shape European cultural heritage.


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