This Migration Study Day takes place on 3 June 2017 at Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art. It draws on the debate around migratory control systems raised in Daniela Ortiz’s exhibition ‘ABC of Racist Europe’. A range of participants examine current issues around migration and nationalism as we see a rise in popularity of right-wing politics in Europe and the United States of America.

The event includes an introduction to the exhibition, a conversation with charity workers and lectures by academics in the field. It also includes a communal lunch.

Speakers include Dr Simon Parker, Senior Lecturer (Politics) at the University of York, whose research interests include the politics of asylum and immigration, and Dr Giocomo Orsini, Senior Research Officer at the University of Essex, who has been undertaking fieldwork research along the European external border and is collaborating on the project ‘Bordering on Britishness: An Oral History Study of 20th Century Gibraltar’.