YOU ARE BUT YOU ARE NOT is a participative audio track on borders and migrations. The audio-guide is trilingual (German, Italian and English), it consists of three chapters and is conceived as a permanent intervention for the city of Bolzano/Bozen.

YOU ARE BUT YOU ARE NOT is a project by artist Beatrice Catanzaro (I) and geographer Kolar Aparna (NL) and is produced by Lungomare in the context of their long term residency 2016 – 2017.

YOU ARE BUT YOU ARE NOT brings together research on migration with cultural production and moves between reality and fiction.

The audio track follows a given route in the public space of the city of Bolzano/Bozen. It starts at the train station of Bolzano/Bozen and moves along the „borders“ of the city through the area of the train station to the Rosegger Park in front of the Questura (state police station). A narrating voice guides the listener through the „story“ developed out of text fragments from a choir of different opinions and superordinated questions.
The listener gets involved by receiving repeatedly instructions, for example the embodiment of refugees, who try to camouflage themselves on their journey through their gestures and facial expression.
The audio drama embraces the continuous change of our social reality. Consciously the authors don’t take a position, but rather make space for a multiplicity of mindsets, in order to trigger the listeners’ very own opinion.

Full project here.