March 10 marked the deadline for anyone interested in helping the Department of Homeland Security design Trump’s border wall to submit concept papers of a prototype. While nearly 200 firms, as CityLab reported, may have seriously taken up that challenge — and thus be complicit in reinforcing xenophobic attitudes — art director Maddy Kramer began building a rather different wall of her own.

That day, she launched “The Most Beautiful Wall,” a virtual concrete wall to feature art made by immigrants. The concept is simple, displaying artworks in an assortment of frames on an otherwise blank wall that you side-scroll to view. Yet, it’s a meaningful gesture to turn a symbol of divisiveness into a vision that not only celebrates diversity, but also highlights the individual voices and visions of those whose lives are affected by borders they cannot control. It is also a more heartfelt design than that of DOMO Design Studio, which wants to create an entire complex that grossly aestheticizes the border wall.

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