The next edition of ASTC on Air will explore issues related to refugees in science centers and museums.

Tune in for a discussion with Athanasios Kontonikolaou, general director of NOESIS—The Science Center and Technology Museum of Thessaloniki in Greece, about his institution’s efforts to serve refugee and immigrant communities in a city that has seen a massive influx of new people during the past few years.


NOESIS offers the public an environment that leads to a better the understanding of natural sciences and technology, and it is actively involved with topics related to the culture of science and technology. Its main objective is the popularization of modern knowledge and its dissemination to the public, as reflected in its brand name, “noesis,” which means “the exercise of reason” within the ancient Greek philosophical tradition. The institution aims to emphasize the connection between its operation and the human intellect, since the intention of its founders was to make scientific knowledge available to everyone.

Kontonikolaou has been the general director of NOESIS since 2010, having served as the technical director since 2002. He studied electrical engineering at Aristoteleio University in Thessaloniki and before joining the science center field worked as a head construction engineer in electromechanical infrastructures, in project design, and in supervising construction projects such as malls, hospitals, theaters, and banks.

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