Among various museum statements regarding the travel ban ordered by the President of the US, we are reproducing here that of The Field Museum President and CEO Richard Lariviere, for being one of the most outspoken and direct (source: The Field Museum website):

“Dear Colleagues,

As you know, the White House issued an executive order temporarily banning citizens of seven countries from entering the United States. Like many of you, I am concerned by these actions and stand firmly against them. At this time, it remains unclear the impact this will have on the Museum, our community, our international colleagues, and our work abroad. What remains clear is The Field Museum’s commitment to equality, tolerance, and inclusion.

We value and welcome a diverse community in our halls and in our work around the globe. It is essential to what we do and crucial to our mission and success. In this time of uncertainty, I want to make clear the Museum will support any of our international or local Museum colleagues who might be affected by these rules or changes. We will stand by our long history of welcoming immigrants and talented people from around the world to join us in the open exchange of ideas that further science.

To my knowledge, none of our staff members are directly affected by the order. The Executive Team is closely monitoring the impact and details of this situation and will continue to do so.

I ask that you support each other, our community, and our visitors as we navigate the road ahead.



Richard Lariviere, PhD
President and CEO”

In the cultural field, there were also statements by:

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A report from a webinar in the framework of EdComVersation, “called Museums Respond to the Presidential Election”, by Lindsay Steward.

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