The “Emigrant’s Archive” collects stories of poeple who emigrated from Poland. It is an ongoing project run by the Emigration Museum in Gdynia, Poland.

In fact, as the Emigration Museum statement reads, “the life of each one of us is unique in its character. Every tale of a person – regardless of whether it is a world-famous artist or a completely unknown person – is unique and therefore worth recording. Our history is comprised of sometimes ordinary, and sometimes special, everyday events. Emigrational fates of Poles have different faces too – amongst them are success stories but also accounts of difficult, even dramatic events. Together, they paint a wide and colorful panorama of the Polish presence on all continents of the world.

History that is relayed by word of mouth presents a unique chance to reach the personal experiences of those who witnessed it. They contain emotions that we can’t find in even the most important documents. Voices, gestures, and feelings that accompany a conversation allow us to break through the barrier of time. Those stories – accumulated at “Emigrant’s Archive” – are, in fact, opportunities to see the past through the eyes of the people that shaped it”.

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