Today we received the following email by Olek (whose work we published earlier this year):
My initial intention was to create a traditional end-of-the year email announcement and share my 2016 reel with you. Yes, on one end it was a really powerful year and I am extremely proud of the new path that my work took me on. However, we cannot forget we live in challenging times. A changing world filled with conflict, wars and natural disasters. 
I really want to wish you a wonderful holiday season and a peaceful New Year, but I know that for many this is not a choice they can make. I invite you to take a moment of reflection. This year was about the journey, not just the artwork. The moment I allowed it to be part of my creative process, the work turned in a new direction. 
I want to share with you this very special short film, In the Blink of an Eye. 

Here is the statement written by Olek: ‘When I first visited Avesta in the summer of 2015, I proposed to the Avesta/Verket Museum that we recreate a traditional home. In April 2016, I did. However, the work took a drastic turn when I decided to invite refugees from Syria and Ukraine to be part of my team. After a couple days of crocheting, sewing, and listening to audiobooks and music from various countries, we broke the ice and a conversation started that has changed me forever. It is one thing to read about the events in those parts of the world, but it is something totally different to actually look in the eyes of the women who lost everything while running from the war.

Their candid stories of their recent experiences and the horrors of their home countries made me want to illustrate their struggle through the piece we were creating. I decided to blow up my crocheted house inside the museum to demonstrate the current, unfortunate situation worldwide, where hundreds of thousands of people are displaced. In 2015, over 27.8 million people in 127 countries lost their homes due to conflict, violence and disasters. (link to’.

This installation will reopen in the Avesta/Verket Museum in May 2017 and will run through September 2018.