Apnea explores the dimension of the emotions of migrants who venture out to cross the sea. Apnea proposes an inner itinerary: a cartography of feelings and fears mapped using interactive immersive technologies.

The visitor’s exploratory experience unfolds through three episodes or environments. The journey starts with a display of photographs, videos, pieces of writing and original artefacts that isolate objects belonging to shipwreck victims and take them out of context.

A space with an interactive projection leads to an individual experience of diving to the seabed, accompanied by real voices that come down from the sea’s surface. As visitors move, they modify the environment in real time.

Lastly, visitors can put on a VR visor and experience a dive into the seas off Lampedusa, as seen through a 360° video.

The team that worked to make Apnea is made up of students and lecturers from Turin Polytechnic (Cinema Engineering and Communication Media) and the University of Turin (CIRMA – Department of Humanities), who have pooled their efforts in the framework of the Officine Sintetiche platform, in partnership with Fondazione 107. Concept: Vanessa Vozzo. Artwork design: Stefano Sburlati, Vanessa Vozzo

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Opening: Friday 4 November from 6 to 11 pm
05-20 November 2016
Thursday – Sunday from 2 to 7 pm