A three-part exhibition focusing on refugees, borders and asylum seeking seen through works by a range of artists from Denmark and abroad – most of them hailing from migrant or refugee backgrounds. The exhibitions are curated by CAMP / Center for Art on Migration Politics, Scandinavia’s only venue for migration-oriented art.

The exhibition Migration Politics: Three CAMP exhibitions at the SMK presents works that address structural issues concerning migration and displacement, portraying personal experiences of migrating and being displaced.

The works are created by fourteen artists, artist groups and social networks that originate from many different places in the world. Most of them have first-hand experience of displacement, asylum seeking and migration.

Concurrently with the exhibition, CAMP will also present its fourth exhibition at the CAMP venue in Trampoline House. Titled Deportation Regime: Artistic responses to state practices and lived experience of forced removal, the exhibition explores the politics of forced deportation as a state practice and as a personal experience.

Saturday October 29, a talk will take place titled Deportspora: when deportation becomes a way of life.

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