Art Refuge UK is a small and robust charity, applying its expertise in art therapy, working with people who have been displaced, whether the cause is armed conflict, trafficking, natural disaster, famine, or political or religious
 Rooted in the experience of visual art making and art therapy, their programmes offer crucial opportunities to make art, reflect, share and develop safe art making practice.

Born in May 2006 as a result of the drive and determination of their founder Frances Fox, Art Refuge UK set up two safe creative spaces in Nepal and India in official centres for people in transit from Tibet as a result of political persecution. Since then, thousands of children, young people and adults have taken psychological refuge in the Art Refuge UK programmes in these centres and more recently in the UK and France, where they have encountered a sense of playfulness, had their stories witnessed, discovered a space for a sense of belonging and where they have been encouraged to develop a visual language to help them transition into their new lives.

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