13 May to 11 December 2016

An exhibition celebrating the importance of role models and icons

Afro Supa® Hero provides a snapshot of Jon Daniel’s personal journey of self discovery, through his collection of pop cultural heroes and heroines of the African diaspora.

Jon grew up in South West London in the 1960s and 1970s. Looking back at his childhood he sees himself as a typical British-born, first generation child of West Indian parents – a young boy trying to find his place within a culture he couldn’t always relate to. In his late 20s he began collecting comics, games, action figures and memorabilia featuring positive Black role models of history and fiction, feeling that they most strongly embodied the era of his childhood and his search for identity.

Who is your hero? Is she strong? Is he kind? Are they brave? A hero can do and be many amazing things, even without super powers. This exhibition highlights the importance of Black heroes and role models within society and their ability to have a positive impact on the lives and aspirations of us all.

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